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Ranking madness

Alie van Arragon

2009, Nummer 5

‘Why, what’s happened to your tail?’ Winnie said in surprise.
‘What has happened to it?’ said Eeyore.
‘It isn’t there!’
‘Are you sure?’
‘Well, either a tail is there or it isn’t there. You can make a mistake about it, and yours isn’t there!’
‘Then what is?’
‘Let’s have a look’, said Eeyore, and he turned slowly round to the place where his tail had been a little while ago, and then, finding that he couldn’t catch it up, he turned round the other way, until he came back to where he was at first, and then he put his head down and looked between his front legs, and at last he said, with a long, sad sigh, ‘I believe you are right.’
‘Of course I’m right’, said Pooh.
‘That Accounts for a Good Deal’, said Eeyore gloomily. ‘It explains Everything. No Wonder.’
‘You must have left it somewhere’, said Winnie-the-Pooh.

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